About Us

Artworks 3 was developed by two local artists Abigail White and Lesley Robinson who have an experiential understanding of the difficulties of being a successful artist and the promotion of this within the wider established art world. With this in mind, Artworks 3 believes that, by developing a community of artists, we can have a larger collective voice in the art world. Artworks 3’s creative hub mission is to support and contribute to the community of artists and craftspeople by offering quality website facilities, and supporting shows and events. We will maintain Artworks 3 as a place for artists to meet and share their experience, skills and knowledge. We aim to work with our artists and within the community to enable their success while having many projects in place, such as workshops for adults and even pop-up galleries to enable the ability for the art world to grow and develop with all in mind rather than only the established artist being recognised.

Mission Statement:

At Artworks3 we are here for the artists. We aim to act as a mouthpiece for them, enabling their progression into the art world. We understand the difficulty of being an upcoming artist so will work hard to ensure that everyone is welcome and listened to. We want to acquaint people with our artists' oeuvre and potential so that the artists all have a realistic chance of success in this very competitive market. By giving a personal touch to their work we anticipate generating increased interest in our artists' creative production, consequently augmenting their exposure and wider recognition.


We at Artworks3 believe in honesty in how we run our business, ensuring that both our customers and our artists are actively involved in shaping our identity and function. The most important value is taking care and supporting the artwork of the artists, from the beginners to the more experienced, ensuring everyone is both welcome and respected. We have an overriding passion for the work we do and take pride in being a solid voice for artists in a highly competitive industry. The need for this support provision is previously unacknowledged and we are passionate about the potential holistic change this could bring to the lives of our artists. In summary, we aim to provide a different view of the world through the artist’s eyes and ensure that we can provide access into the industry for aspiring artists, crucially incorporating those who may previously have been excluded or sidelined.


                    AW3 Abi, Lesley and Ro                                              AW3 Lesley and Abi 2017 Launch



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